Wall of tweets at SlideShare

At SlideShare, we’re always listening to our users and continuously improve the product based on feedback. We often stumble upon some really interesting ways people use SlideShare. A Twitter search can often tell us what our people think.

Amit had collected a bunch of tweets that our awesome users posted. We decided to feature these on one of the walls in our New Delhi office. To make it more personalized and fun, I sketched out each individual person’s picture and put them all together to create what you see below. Flexography, of course, is best suited to print something of this sort. We got them printed on a large, seamless sheet, 4.2×13.5′ in dimension.

SlideShare's wall of tweets

View it on DeviantArt.

These are the folks we featured, do follow them on Twitter:
and of course, me: @SimplyArun

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