Arun J.

Product Management Lead: Zoom Apps — building the future of work & play  

I’m currently a Product Management Leader focused on the new Zoom Apps ecosystem at Zoom. I lead the product team to integrate apps into the user experience before, during, and after meetings. 

Product areas we work on include:
• Collaboration (core experiences, new APIs)
• Growth & GTM (discovery, adoption, revenue)
• Platform expansion (devices, surface areas)
• Partnerships (developer engagement, success, partner GTM)

I believe that product growth strategies, user-centered design & platform ecosystems are deeply synergistic. This premise informed the growth, design & strategy of products I’ve impacted first-hand such as SlideShare, LinkedIn,, StackShare, Pinterest, Scribd & Zoom.

My experience spans a diverse set of product areas and verticals including communication tools, subscription growth, product-led SEO, social media, developer platforms & APIs, data analytics, and SaaS.

Life-long learning motivates me, and I’m proud to say I’m an autodidact technologist. 

Featured writing

Design thinking for SEO at scale: Lessons from SlideShare


Featured speaking engagements 
  • Haas School of Business, Berkeley, MBA 2021 cohort
  • Product Faculty, Advanced PM cohorts 2021
  • BayAreaSearch, San Francisco
  • SMX, London
  • Startup Weekend, New Delhi
  • Product School, San Francisco
  • Stanford University – Seed
  • Design Day, New Delhi

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